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Yahoo answers: What happens if a hole forms in your retina or you have a tear?

  • Optical

    Most of the time if a hole or tear developed, you would never know it happened. If it was detected, it would either be watched to see what would happen or laser would be done around the edges to...

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  • A multiple pre-reg

    The practice was also open late, allowing me to see a range of emergencies such as retinal detachments, corneal abrasions and uveitis. Occasionally, my supervisors sat in on my sight tests and contact lens aftercares and provided me with feedback

  • Eye Problems in Neonatal Foals

    Congenital Retinal Detachment Another rare condition, congenital retinal detachment has a poor visual prognosis and no treatment options, she said. Entropion This condition occurs when the eyelids roll inward, and it requires immediate treatment, as

  • Evil Eye: Okposo's injury revealed as a detached retina

    Kyle Okposo's upper body injury was reported as a detached retina today by ESPN's Katie Strang, who confirmed the news via a source. Okposo was a surprise addition to the injured list immediately following the All Star Break and is expected to be out 6

  • Aging Eyes Can Impact Pilot Performance To The Point Of Grounding

    You might notice them in well-lit rooms or outdoors on a bright day. Floaters can be a normal part of aging. However, sometimes they are a sign of a more-serious eye problem such as retinal detachment, wherein the retina actually separates from the

  • Glaucoma a leading cause of blindness

    Severe eye injuries can cause increased eye pressure. Other eye conditions that could cause increased risk of glaucoma include eye tumors, retinal detachment, eye inflammation and lens dislocation. Using corticosteroid medications, especially eyedrops

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... detachment pictures category eyes and vision retinal detachment
... detachment pictures category eyes and vision retinal detachment

DJO | Digital Journal of Ophthalmology
DJO | Digital Journal of Ophthalmology

... of Ophthalmology: Descemet detachment by Professor Chua Chung Nen
... of Ophthalmology: Descemet detachment by Professor Chua Chung Nen

When you hear about someone that has just suffered a detached retina ...
When you hear about someone that has just suffered a detached retina ...

Diagram showing the various sections of the eye
Diagram showing the various sections of the eye

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