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Yahoo answers: Can you guys give me a trivia, a quiz, or cool introductions on Psychological disorders?

  • Psychology

    Just cause your paranoid doesn't mean they are not out to get you.......

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  • Anorexia: Potentially Deadly, Treatable And Still Not Always Covered By Insurance

    So, here's the really strange thing about anorexia: Despite its awfulness and potentially fatal outcomes, despite a death rate more than 12 times higher than any other psychiatric syndrome, insurers still balk at providing adequate coverage. In 2008

  • Judge Says That Claiming to Cure Homosexuality Is Consumer Fraud

    In a blow to the controversial practice of gay conversion therapy, a New Jersey judge has ruled that therapists who claim that homosexuality is a curable mental disorder are committing consumer fraud. The ruling, issued on Tuesday by Superior Court

  • Mind Your Mental Health for a Longer Life

    For so many years, it wasn't “cool” to talk about mental illness. Now we know that open discussions about this very common problem are absolutely necessary, given that one in four of us will experience some type of mental disorder in a given year—and

  • In Hopkins basement, bats and owls offer clues into brain function

    Psychological and Brain Sciences, share an interest in the study of attention and hope to find ways to collaborate. They believe their work may lead to a better understanding of how blind people navigate the world, or the cause of disorders such as

  • How Art Heals the Wounds of War

    Melissa Walker runs an art therapy program at the National Intrepid Center of Excellence at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, for members of the military who have suffered traumatic brain injury and psychological

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Psychological Disorders (PPT) Powerpoint Templates | PPT Templates on ...
Psychological Disorders (PPT) Powerpoint Templates | PPT Templates on ...

the Pooh and Christopher Robin had a litany of psychological disorders ...
the Pooh and Christopher Robin had a litany of psychological disorders ...

Winnie The Pooh Psychological Disorders -
Winnie The Pooh Psychological Disorders -

Psychological Disorders of
Psychological Disorders of

Cool psychological explanation to follow!
Cool psychological explanation to follow!

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