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Yahoo answers: What bacterial infections require penicillin?

  • Infectious Diseases

    Penicillin is still a common used antibiotic for many types of infections. I had it myself for pneumonia and for pyelonephritis.

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  • Type 2 diabetes medication pioglitazone helps fight bacterial infections

    ROS, a variety of oxidant molecules, is impaired in patients with the rare inherited disorder chronic granulomatous disease (CGD), in which certain immune system cells cannot kill some types of bacteria and fungi. This is due to the lack of a

  • Oil-exuding silicone could prevent bacterial infections

    Whenever foreign objects such as catheters, implants or other devices are placed within the human body, there's a danger that bacterial colonies known as biofilms could collect on them, leading to infections. Now, however, scientists at Harvard

  • Fungal, bacterial infections major causes of prolonged hospital stay: PGI study

    Apart from the infection attributed mortality being 9 per cent , the study found that infections were significantly more common in allogeneic (26/36) than autologous transplant recipients (34/64). “There were 68 documented bacterial infections in 47

  • W5 investigates possible links between common infection and psychiatric and ...

    The hypothesis that a bacterial infection like strep throat – a common bug that affects many school aged children – could be linked to mental or neurological symptoms was ground breaking and controversial. The NIMH researchers suggested that in some 

  • Deadly bacteria on medical scopes trigger infections

    When contaminated scopes transmit CRE, it's likely to get attention, because the infections involve especially perilous, "red-flag" bacteria, Duchin says. But more common bugs may elicit little more than a quick prescription for antibiotics — and no

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Common Bacterial Infections
Common Bacterial Infections

Common Bacterial Infections - Netter Medical Artwork
Common Bacterial Infections - Netter Medical Artwork

Image display. DermNet NZ
Image display. DermNet NZ

Common Bacterial Infections in Infancy and Childhood: M.I. Marks ...
Common Bacterial Infections in Infancy and Childhood: M.I. Marks ...


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