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Yahoo answers: What virus(s) have Chicken Pox like symptoms but can cause kidney failure?

  • Infectious Diseases

    You may be thinking of Meningitis which can result from complications of chicken pox and can result in kidney failure.

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  • Chickenpox season is over, but symptoms may come soon

    Butler University issued a warning to students Feb. 4 confirming an outbreak of chickenpox, also known as varicella. “Exposure risk to the illness was greatest between Jan. 29 to Feb. 2. Symptoms occur 10 to 21 days after an exposure,” the Butler

  • Vaccine is the best way to avoid chickenpox

    If you suspect that you or your child has chickenpox, consult your doctor. He or she usually can diagnose chickenpox by examining the rash and by noting the presence of accompanying symptoms. Your doctor can also prescribe medications to lessen the 

  • Chickenpox cases reported among Brick students

    In his letter, Uszenski urged parents to be alert for symptoms, especially over the next three weeks, reminding them that children who do contact chickenpox can usually return to school six days after the first appearance of a rash, provided a

  • Guidelines Revised on Chicken Pox in Pregnancy

    However, VZV infection affects three of every 1000 pregnancies. "Chickenpox is very contagious so it is important that women are aware of the symptoms and the necessity to seek medical attention promptly," RCOG Guidelines Committee Co-Chair Dr Manish 

  • If you had chickenpox, watch out for shingles

    Marc Siegel, an infectious-disease specialist at George Washington University Hospital, says a decline in the number of chickenpox cases may be making shingles more common. The CDC, however, says that the increase began before the United States 

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The Most Common Symptoms Of Chicken Pox | How To Cure Chicken Pox ...

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