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Yahoo answers: What is the definition of a 5% 10-Year Risk of Cardiovascular Disease? Definition in layman language please?

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    Looks like a 5% risk of developing heart disease within 10 years. Edit: 100% means guaranteed heart attack. 5% means very low risk.

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  • First expression of cardiovascular disease differs by gender

    This is the first study to scrutinize gender differences in the first manifestations of cardiovascular disease, broadly defined. For purposes of primary prevention, the first manifestation of cardiovascular disease is what's most relevant, not the

  • Changing Perceptions About Heart Disease

    But did you know that until about 13 years ago, cardiovascular disease was defined as a man's disease? You may remember, if you are old enough, the warnings for men when it snowed NOT to shovel their walks because they could get a heart attack; or in 

  • Firefighters at increased heart disease risk; BroMenn responds

    That's one reason why firefighters are at greater risk of cardiovascular disease than the rest of the population and even other first responders such as police, and it's why Advocate Medical Group-Cardiology and Advocate BroMenn Medical Center are

  • Know the risk factors for heart disease

    A family history of heart disease — if someone in your immediate family (parent, brother, sister) has been diagnosed with “early” heart disease, you are more likely to develop heart disease. “Early” heart disease is defined as a male with heart

  • Breaking the pattern of diabetes in families

    Some changes had to be made in order to lessen the possibility of her diabetes leading to cardiovascular disease. She was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, which means that her body no longer makes enough insulin to keep her blood glucose at normal 

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Cardiovascular Disease Definition
Cardiovascular Disease Definition

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) - what is, definition, types, causes and ...
Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) - what is, definition, types, causes and ...

Tachycardia – A Cardiovascular Disease | Heart Disease
Tachycardia – A Cardiovascular Disease | Heart Disease

Cardiovascular diseases , including heart disease and stroke, are the ...
Cardiovascular diseases , including heart disease and stroke, are the ...

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