brittle bone disease in children

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  • Our Kids: Living Life with a brittle bone disease

    How would your life be impacted if you were told you had Osteogensis Imperfecta? Osteogensis Imperfecta, often referred to as OI, is a brittle bone disease, meaning the bones are not fully strengthened.

  • 'Show up for April' and 3 more great 'Grey's Anatomy' moments this week

    Apparently they tried for years to no avail, and here we are: shot and with child. And as she's flatlining and Maggie is massaging Dr. Herman reveals that April and Jackson's baby suffers from brittle bone disease type 2. Unfortunately, that's the

  • Cat Power: The Life and Times of Lil Bub

    Basically the opposite of osteoporosis, the disease causes bones to become so dense that its victims have difficulty moving. . Out of necessity the three have reached a brittle detente—but all bets are off come April, when the Bridavskys' first

  • Be More Awesome — With Help From Kid President

    It's the result of a conversation between a kid and a grownup. Robby on living with brittle bone disease. It's when some people break easier than other kids — like I've broken over 70 bones, which is pretty crazy but now, I don't break as much

  • Trial begins for Uniontown man accused of assaulting an infant

    Squires testified the baby was examined for conditions that might explain the injuries, such as brittle bone disease or vitamin deficiencies, but the child was healthy. Jeree Silva of Uniontown testified she was working the weekend prior to when her

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Femur Fractures in Children: Treating a Child’s Broken Thighbone ...
Femur Fractures in Children: Treating a Child’s Broken Thighbone ...

Bone Disease And Genetic Brittle Bone Disease In Children Brittle Bone ...
Bone Disease And Genetic Brittle Bone Disease In Children Brittle Bone ...

Ann Davidson said the work was “incredible” and the students ...
Ann Davidson said the work was “incredible” and the students ...

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    Brittle bone disease is a rare, usually inherited disorder. ... Physical therapists can work with children to help them build muscle tone to protect bones.
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