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Broken Bones Xray

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  • -Shoulder scan
  • - Right Feet scan
  • - Right Hand scan
  • - Left Feet scan
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Yahoo answers: What does it mean when your kidneys show up on a bone scan?

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    It is good they found your kidneys. I would be a Real problem if they did a bone scan and couldn't see them... Stop obsessing until your doctor gives you something to obsess over...Breath. Inhale...

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  • Karla Sweeney, founder of St. Croix Ballet, dies at 66

    But when the cough still wouldn't go away after another month, she got a CAT scan this week, and it showed that she has metastasized breast cancer in the lungs, some bone and a small area of the liver." On Feb. 7, 2006, Karla wrote that she had decided

  • A Review of Imaging Options for Subtle Lamenesses

    Because radiographing the pelvic region is very difficult, if not impossible, Pease performed a bone scan that revealed increased activity in the caudal (back) portion of the pelvis called the ischium. He then used ultrasound to evaluate that specific

  • Street Spice to LSU for Bone Scan

    The late Jim Tafel's Street Spice, who was vanned off after winning Sunday's featured allowance at Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots at odds of 7-1, is headed to Louisiana State University's veterinary hospital for a bone scan, according to trainer Greg

  • Letter: Water rate increases can be stopped

    Am I the only who recalls the just five years ago the city effected at 60 percent water increase, phased in at twenty percent a year over three years? The city is back with a proposed 76 percent increase over the next five years. Whoa! We are not

  • Straight, Gay, or Lying

    To scan a space mentally before I enter it. To wonder: Who will “You will go to college before you know it,” she said of my too-big-for-that-place brain encased in my too-ethnic-for-that-place bone structure, “and there will be men who want you

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Bone Scans 300x294 Bone Scans
Bone Scans 300x294 Bone Scans

Bone Scan | Indulge in the fascinating world of
Bone Scan | Indulge in the fascinating world of


Bone scan
Bone scan

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    A bone scan is a nuclear scanning test that identifies new areas of bone growth or breakdown.
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    A bone scan or bone scintigraphy / s ... Nuclear bone scans are not to be confused with the completely different test often termed a "bone density scan," DEXA or DXA, ...
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    A bone scan is an imaging test that shows areas of increased or decreased bone turnover (metabolism). How the Test is Performed A bone scan involves ...
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    A bone scan, also called bone scintigraphy, is an imaging test used to determine whether breast cancer has traveled to the bones. Your doctor may order a bone scan:
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