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Yahoo answers: I am 53 female. Dr said I have advance multiple degenerative bone lesions at my spinal bone?

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  • Bone marrow lesion identification reliable with computer-assisted segmentation ...

    Bone marrow lesions in the knees of patients with osteoarthritis were identified reliably using computer-assisted segmentation, which was sensitive to changes over time and less time-consuming compared with manual segmentation procedures.

  • Eight important stories to read regarding tumors in orthopedics

    In a recently published study, researchers determined that to effectively treat giant cell tumors of bone with zoledronic acid, a hybrid including artificial bone would be needed. Read more. RSA after malignant tumor resection preserves proximal

  • Lenvatinib Outperforms Placebo for Thyroid Ca

    Overall, 77 of 152 patients with baseline bone lesions had progressive disease at the start of the trial. Median duration of treatment was 13.8 months for patients on lenvatinib, and 3.9 months for patients on a placebo. Among the patients on placebo

  • Help Your Pet Take A Bite Out Of Dental Disease

    With tartar present, it's possible there is more damage underneath the gums. There can be tooth root resorption, cracks below the service, FORLS (Feline Oral resorptive lesions), bone cysts, and jaw fractures, which we can only be diagnosed with

  • For Pets' Sake: Resorptive lesions can cause cats severe pain, even under ...

    The inflammation can cause the growth of oral tumors and even destruction of the underlying structures including bone. The body actually may resorb the entire tooth. However the roots remain and are incorporated into the underlying bone. These retained 

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Most Common Tumors to Metastasize to Bone ( 80% of bone mets)
Most Common Tumors to Metastasize to Bone ( 80% of bone mets)


diffuse sclerotic metastases to the pelvis, sacrum and femurs
diffuse sclerotic metastases to the pelvis, sacrum and femurs

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    A bone lesion is an anomaly in the growth or structure of a bone. Bone lesions can occur in any part of the body, although they are more common in long ...
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    Bone lesions are an abnormality in the structure and growth of a bone. The most common causes of bone lesions are infections...
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    Diseases That Cause Bone Lesions Last Updated: Jul 07, 2010 | By Matthew Fox, MD. Bone lesions may be abnormal focal growths on the bone or focal destruction.
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    Benign Bone Lesions Solitary Bone Cysts. As mentioned previously, solitary bone cysts tend to be centrally located, painless lesions occurring almost ...