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  • Kimmo Timonen's blood disorder started long before last offseason

    Kimmo Timonen isn't bored skating around the ice mostly by himself. Not yet, anyway. The defenseman, who turns 40 next month, has been itching to return to hockey ever since he found out in August that he had blood clots in both lungs and his right calf.

  • Owatonna man battles rare blood disorder

    And it all has to do with the platelets in the blood not performing their normal function, Byrne said. Platelets are the part of the blood responsible for clotting so that when a person cuts himself, the blood is able to stop flowing. But for a TTP

  • Analysis Shows Benefits of Endovascular Therapy for Severe Stroke

    CINCINNATI—A pooled analysis of two recent clinical trials involving the use of devices to treat stroke-causing blood clots indicates that patients with the most severe strokes stand to benefit the most, new research presented by a University of

  • Erin Bates: A Bates-Duggar Wedding Is 'Almost Inevitable'

    Since her wedding, the 23-year-old accomplished pianist has sadly suffered a number of miscarriages, but after being treated for a blood-clotting disorder is now happily 23 weeks pregnant. She speaks candidly with ET about her miscarriages and

  • PTSD Common Among Parents Whose Children Have Suffered A Stroke

    Common causes of an ischemic stroke in children include congenital heart problems, sickle cell disease, and blood clots forming in the heart and traveling to the brain. Source: Mrakotsky C, Rivkin M, Islam F, Maletsky K, Lehman L. Parents experience 

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blood clotting disorder ~ MESOTHELIOMA
blood clotting disorder ~ MESOTHELIOMA

Blood Clotting Disorders You Should Know About
Blood Clotting Disorders You Should Know About

Animal Blood Clotting and Blood Clotting Disorders
Animal Blood Clotting and Blood Clotting Disorders

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    Acquired Clotting Disorders. Lifestyle, medications and other non-genetic factors, including underlying medical conditions, increase the risk for thrombosis.
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    Inherited hypercoagulable conditions include: Factor V Leiden (the most common) Prothrombin gene mutation ; Deficiencies of natural proteins that prevent clotting ...
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