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Yahoo answers: What are signs of bladder infections in a female cat?

  • Cats

    Peeing outside the box IS a sign of medical problems. Cats cannot tell you so they show you by their behavior that something is wrong. I would take her to a vet to have her checked out.

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Signs of Bladder Infection – How it Affects Both the Genders ...
Signs of Bladder Infection – How it Affects Both the Genders ...

Bladder Infection Symptoms Bladder Infection Signs and Symptoms
Bladder Infection Symptoms Bladder Infection Signs and Symptoms

Signs of a Bladder Infection in Babies |
Signs of a Bladder Infection in Babies |

Early Signs of a Bladder Infection
Early Signs of a Bladder Infection

Signs & Symptoms of Canine Bladder Infection |
Signs & Symptoms of Canine Bladder Infection |

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