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Yahoo answers: How can you tell if you have anemia?

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    You should probably make an appointment and see an MD for blood tests. Many of the symptoms you describe can be associated with anemia, but you cannot diagnose anemia with symptoms only. Try not...

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  • A healthy diet is the key to getting the iron you need

    Without enough stored iron, an individual can develop anemia. Symptoms include fatigue, loss of stamina, shortness of breath, weakness, dizziness, and a pale, unhealthy complexion. So precious is iron for your health that the body uses a protein called 

  • Test Horses Annually for Equine Infectious Anemia

    If the horse survives the acute stage of EIA, it may develop chronic symptoms such as fever, small patches of hemorrhages on the mucus membranes, depression, weight loss, anemia and swelling of the legs and abdomen. Diagnosis of the virus was not 

  • Personalized Medicine Is Promising But Needs Smarter Regulation

    The concept of personalized, or precision, medicine is not new: It has been known for decades, for example, that people genetically deficient in an enzyme called G6PD can experience a severe and precipitous anemia if they are exposed to certain drugs

  • Do Blood Donors Need Supplements?

    Dr. Hess says blood donors with fatigue or other anemia symptoms should consult their physician because they may be more likely to need a supplement. And she says most donors can safely take a low-dose of iron, the amount found in a multivitamin, if

  • Debunking the Myths about Aplastic Anemia

    Common symptoms of aplastic anemia are traumatic bleeding, severe tiredness and exhaustion, low hemoglobin, red and black patches on the skin, infections, weakness, restlessness, fatigue and high fever. Aplastic anemia is not a type of cancer but may

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Anemia Symptoms and Causes for Anemia
Anemia Symptoms and Causes for Anemia

Anemia Diagram Of Symptoms
Anemia Diagram Of Symptoms


Anemia Symptoms Go Beyond Just Fatigue
Anemia Symptoms Go Beyond Just Fatigue

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    Symptoms common to many types of anemia include the following: Easy fatigue and loss of energy; Unusually rapid heart beat, particularly with exercise
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