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Yahoo answers: How do you cure allergic rashes naturally?

  • Allergies

    I would put ice on it for about 10 minutes and then apply hydrocortisone cream. If it is a persistent problem, you should see a doctor.

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Allergic rash dermatitis skin | Stock Photo © XUNBIN PAN #6926399
Allergic rash dermatitis skin | Stock Photo © XUNBIN PAN #6926399

Photos, Images and Pictures of Sun Allergy Rash…
Photos, Images and Pictures of Sun Allergy Rash…

Allergic rash | Stock Photo © toxawww #2891075
Allergic rash | Stock Photo © toxawww #2891075

Allergic rash
Allergic rash

Allergic rash dermatitis skin texture | Stock Photo © XUNBIN PAN ...
Allergic rash dermatitis skin texture | Stock Photo © XUNBIN PAN ...

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